Oh Boy!

Hi People

So yeah looks like I vanished off the face of the earth, in blog world. But that's not true I just got pregnant and had a new baby!! Now you can't be mad at me right?! 
I think I just got overwhelmed with being pregnant the second time around..staying at home with a toddler and keeping up of house work.  We also decided to do a home birth, which was amazing but I was nesting hard core and wanted everything to be just right, not that the baby would care but it was stressing me out occasionally.  
Also you know when you stop doing something and you think about starting it up again and you think, there is so many things I will have to recap on...anyway I just got overwhelmed with just the idea...blogging for me takes a long time and well frankly I have a busy toddler and I can't just stick him in front of the tv all day nor do I want to. But as it is he is watching a show now while George(my new baby boy!) is snoozin:) 
So I have so many things to say and so many pictures to share. I was thinking yesterday how much I documented Henry's life and I wanted to do the same for G. Although the instagram world is getting to see his growth everyday..I started a 365project with him so everyday my friends see a new picture of him along with whatever we are doing that day. I didnt think I would make it this long but hey I can stick to some things apparently and when it comes to doing something as visually instant and easy as instagram I CAN DO IT.

I have a question for my readers (Kelsey) about how I should continue my blog. If you haven't noticed I have three blogs. The first one was well the first one I started and have a bunch of Henry on it. I love the name, Just the Usual Noises but as I started doing more photography I figured I needed one with my photography name on it BChambers Photography so people weren't confused I guess I dont know. And then I started another blog called Tangled Up in Blue for my love of fashion.  So my question is should I combine all my blogs into one...not making yet a nother blog site but just start using one.  I know I will never actually stop taking pictures for people and I am not a "real" business per say so I just dont know what I should do. Cause I like the idea of putting all that I do in just one blog to make it simple but ....thoughts? I also have an Etsy site where I have sold vintage clothing..and um I love it and decided last year once I got my routine down with the extra family member I would start that up again and really keep at it. I really do love fashion and vintage clothes from ever era..and making it my own. So yeah.  I have lots of ideas and I just need to make small goals and stick to it. 

So you wanna see my new boy? me too... with out further ado here is 
George Auburn Chambers



  1. What a sweet recap! Combine them. For they are Who YOU ARE! Not Individual single entities but One Individual with Flavor for Flare! Beautiful Bethy!

  2. I would combine them, for sure. It would make it easier on you…and for all your faithful followers :)

    An easy thing you could do would be to simply create labels, and every time you post something for your photography, place it under that label-- same with "just the usual noises" and "tangled up in blue". Then whomever comes to your blog can click on the label they want and bada bing bada boom, they can see all your posts for that topic. It's easy peasy to do that. I can show you this weekend :)