Eidson Family Photos

Now this is more like it, shooting again.  Taking photos and making memories for friends!!  Here are some pictures I took of my friend Sarah and her family.  They are building a new house and asked if we could do some shots there and of course I was like YES!  When I got there and walked around it was apparent they were supported and loved.  The week before friends and family came and prayed over the house and wrote notes of Love and Encouragement all around in sharpie on the frame of the house. xo Anyway, I love stories and well people and Jesus and I am praying prayers of smooth sailing with the building of their new home and patience.  What a fun time in their lives and a sweet opportunity I have to be a little part of it.  And I can not wait to see the final product!! 

Ok now on to some photos of some wonderful, gorgeous people.


3 years later....

Hey everyone, or rather no one, HA!
It has been three years...THREE YEARS since I've been on here and well I am here to say I want to break that streak.  

This is us, The Chambers Crew as of last Sept 12th on my oldest son's birthday of 7 years young.  Woah, time has surely flown by.  Alot of things happened in those three years.  I accomplished some personal goals, loved on some boys and had another one:) We are doing just fine and I can't wait to document moments from my life and others and hopefully be witty and goofy along the way.  
Also while I was typing this I had to stop ooohh about 20 times to answer questions and trying to finish before the baby wakes up:)  (probably why I avoided it all these years, but not a good excuse).

So here we are again.... Eli + Me + Henry 7 + George 3 and a half + Oliver 3 months. 
 Large Mouth Bass that Eli made as a piƱata for Henry's fishing party!!! It even had scales. What a good daddy, no the BEST.