A Siren Goes Off

I've been making myself sick lately thinking about the horrors of real life. And then I see this picture..this moment in time that was taken expectantly but also in the same setting unexpectedly. My mom was down a couple weekends ago and I was having her take Henry and I's photo on that brilliant Sunday afternoon. The photos of HB and I when we were looking weren't nearly as good as this one. I love it. Thanks Mom. I hope I am half the mom as you are to me.
And I thank God for being so good to me.

Have a good rest of the week.




  1. You are!!!!!!!!!!

    She is!!!!!!!

    PTL for genes passed on through the HEART!

  2. You are a lovely woman Beth. Henry and you and you are lucky to have each other. And Eli of course. Oh and you have cute feet. g'day!

  3. I miss the kisses, so much, especially when he gives me a kiss and then tells me thank-you, awwwwwwwwwwwwsome love, gumma

  4. thanks my pretty ladies