3 years later....

Hey everyone, or rather no one, HA!
It has been three years...THREE YEARS since I've been on here and well I am here to say I want to break that streak.  

This is us, The Chambers Crew as of last Sept 12th on my oldest son's birthday of 7 years young.  Woah, time has surely flown by.  Alot of things happened in those three years.  I accomplished some personal goals, loved on some boys and had another one:) We are doing just fine and I can't wait to document moments from my life and others and hopefully be witty and goofy along the way.  
Also while I was typing this I had to stop ooohh about 20 times to answer questions and trying to finish before the baby wakes up:)  (probably why I avoided it all these years, but not a good excuse).

So here we are again.... Eli + Me + Henry 7 + George 3 and a half + Oliver 3 months. 
 Large Mouth Bass that Eli made as a piƱata for Henry's fishing party!!! It even had scales. What a good daddy, no the BEST.  

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