Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and love for me and my family. It has been a fun year to say the least. Henry is such a good boy, and as Nana Mary would say, 'what a lil prince'. Eli is working at Earie Williamson Music store here in Joplin as store manager (or as I call him Mr. Manager). Im still working at TJFormal (6 years now) doing all the shipping. Prom is coming up and we are getting in tons of dresses for the upcoming prom season.
Henry is growing and changing everyday. He is practically running these days, saying many words and has recently come up with his own jibber jabber, it is so cute!
He is so darn cute, I look at him everyday and feel so lucky to have something so amazing and perfect in my life. He is my little man child and I love him so much and Eli is such a good daddy it is pretty precious.
We are both working longer hours and Christmas is in two days and I feel like there is not enough time to do everything!! I finished up on Lindsey and Barry's wedding photos and can not wait to post some hopefully in the next day or so.
We are spending Christmas day with Eli's parents and then my parents are driving down Christmas day to stay the night with us. I am so grateful for my parents and Eli's for that matter. Mary (Eli's mom) has been watching him every week which is so incredible and she is such a saint and I feel privileged to have her be my son's keeper while we are at work. My mom and dad come down every couple months or we go up there, Im just glad we live close enough to be able to do that. Well at least its not like we live in different countries, although sometimes it feels like it:( But I do love my family so much and they make me happy.
Thank you mom and dad for coming down to see us we cant wait to see you. And thank you Tim and Mary for being available to us right now, it is such a blessing and I know Henry enjoys it too!
I cant wait for Christmas this year with HB...Eli's birthday was the 19th and just watching Henry tear tiny fragments of wrapping paper;) He'll have fun for sure this year.

In a couple of months I am driving to Las Vegas for WPPI with a dear friend Melodie and her friend Kacey.. wwwwuuuuuuu WPPI ! So that is going to be awesome and Im sure we will blog it up constantly during that trip:) I am hoping to learn new fun and fabulous was to make my dream and love for photography become a reality and career! YES?! well or I will get stupidly depressed about how much I stink compared to all these pro people, eat my weight in orange slices and soda and just sit back and rot, orrrr I will be super motivated and bust some good photos out;) I choose #2.

I want to be more organized and crafty this coming year... Photo shoots and posting vintage thrifties on Etsy. And maybe just maybe be more active. Some one recently told me they wanted me to join them in a two on two basketball rumble and I said, bring it on!!
Henry is either going to love me or get super annoyed with how much I will want to play catch or one on one with him when he gets older;)
Im not like this girl who watches games on the tube, although I really like watching Rugby for some strange reason, probably cause I dont know what is going on and try to figure it out. But I just love being athletic, running mainly, being competitive and well you know winning. Why am I talking about this so much...ha.
OK so yea, hopefully I will get a website going soon and have prices up and galleries...its just making it harder without it.

And one last thing, I just wanted to tell Melodie how much I appreciate her friendship right now and how helpful it is to have someone to kinda go through this together with. Thank you for answering weekly questions and making me laugh everytime! ps did you get Skype yet!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!

Beth, Eli, Henry and Beta


  1. Awe Beth, I am so happy we a buds! I cant wait for both of our dreams to finally come true and I think it will happen sooner than we think...it will be great to see that happen and then instead of our weekly talks of how much we wish this and that and wonder this and that we will be able to say...look at us!! i cant wait for wppi and skype is coming!!

  2. Girl Friend YOU"LL ROCK!!!!! I have BELIEVED in your ARTSY side since 1988!!!! TEE HEE!!!!!

    I have been praying since the first photos I saw that you shot! GOSH GIRL, ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM . . . . YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!