Oliver Severin Jones

This is the name I just made up for this lil ol codger. (I say codger cause my dad says it, makes elderly gentlemen sound pugnacious to me.)
So Bethany loves to dress up, of course I love this too. Her and her sister Adrienne who is also just as gorgeous but didnt want pictures,(like I let that happen) came over and hung out, I use to work with them both at TJ, they are my ex_employer's nieces. I also have taken photos for and of B before.
Anywho..Bethany wanted to do some 70's-ish inspired stuff, so we collaborated. It was super fun and stupid hot out..Henry came along and afterwards I bought him frozen custard at Shakeys ( ..and I know it's Shakes but I refuse to call it that, cause it IS Shakeys why the decided to changed the name I dont know).

So yeah I've always wanted to do a fashion shoot with some random older dude. And this guy, so cute!...I just couldnt pass it up and Bethany was all for it. I dont think he understood what we were saying really but he went along with it. I might make a habit of this, I like it. I just wished I lived somewhere awesome like Norway and could find old men that look like this to do a photoshoot with or just to hang out with, while listening to his stories and eating some really good cheese or something.

So its late and Im rambling.
With out further ado..I give you Bethany and the man of which I didnt even ask his given name.

I couldnt pick which one I liked better, cause I like them both.


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