blue for you

Henry talks about PopPop's truck a lot...and tractor and mower and motorcycle that doesn't exist. We miss you NeeNee and PopPop!! can't wait to see you on Monday:) These are some pics from last March...I know I know, I am sooooo behind on posting, but I sometimes dont have time to brush my teeth, Henry, my house, and me trying to run in the morning..pretty much wipes me out at night. I mapped my run this morning for the first time, I've just been running twenty/thirty about 5 times a week. I ran last night...and thought I was more tire this morning but I ended up running longer so my pace was obviously faster. But I still think I kinda sucked;) so until I feel accomplished I wont be posting any times or distances. ha My lil brother, triathlon, marathon, anyathon and everyathon runner says he's proud of me for keeping it up. He knows more know what its like with a child and trying to get things done. And I dont know if any of you have met my son, but golly he is soooo busy;) So, there's that. Welp I better get going, no one is up in my house still and its 9am!(I got up at 6:30). I think the sound of bacon might change that;) Happy MAY DAY everyone! I posted on FB that it's a Happy Maeve Day, because my sister in laws/Kim/MIL are hosting a baby shower for my other sister in law Bess, she is beautiful and I know that baby girl of hers will be too! xoxo Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket sorry dad! hahaha Photobucket Photobucket aaaaahhh can you believe I helped make this;) Photobucket Photobucket

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