Day 10: A Photo of What Ever You Please

It just so happens I tend to do my 'whatever I please' on the shoots I do that day;) I have gotten the pleasure to getting to meet the Praters, Jennifer and Jared and hopefully soon to meet their new little baby boy! These two are so adorable. I got teary eyed on the way to the shoot just thinking about how this is such an amazing time in their lives and also remembering it and how I loved being pregnant and think this is such a great and exciting thing to photograph.
Jared was just smiles from ear to ear and Jennifer is just stunning and beautiful. Ahhh Thank you guys, it was a pleasure!
I'll show you that smile and beautiful face next time;)

I am heading to my folks house today and will be gone for a bit, it's my mama's birthday on Sunday and I am going to make her dinner;)

Also there is some dumb internet connection problem with my computer and my parents internet connection..so I hope I can keep posting, if not I will have to do them all at once when I get back.


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