Day 5: A Photo of What Ever You Please

Hi, well this is super late in the posting, I really didnt have a good reason on why it was, but time slipped by today. I keep thinking tomorrow is Saturday when indeed it is Sunday.
SO I had the pleasure of shooting someone so it worked out with the assignment rather well. Sarah Carney is GORGEOUS..and we went to a salvage yard near Carterville and took a photo on a boat!! Cant wait to share that one...also went to an ol' BnB down the road. Anyway thanks Kim for letting us use your resources;) it's like a treasure hunt in that dusty nail infested heap of yours..ha
And thank you Sarah for letting shoot your face, always a pleasure!
Ok well I think I've been training my body to stay up late(not on purpose)..and I'll probably just go to bed and think for about two hours, but I feel like I should at least try.
See you tomorrow everyone, or any ONE of you guys who looks at this BLOB.
Leave me comments let me know what you like or dont like about my photos.


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